Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Episode II: The Holidays

Here is our 2nd episode. Hope you enjoy.

Up next: Day in the life of ¨los gringos de Vallegrande¨

It´s sort of like being a rockstar.


Anonymous said...

In Coch and signedup for Google alerts Bolivia(don't do it cuz we am inundated), what happens? I get your blog!!! Fun! What's up with the fabulous house in Valle Grande? You said it was nice but, man!!!understatement! You have a real living room with a real couch. Jealous! Thought we were spoiled..but I'll think that one again. Anxious to visit one day...informal exchange? Our boys coming Avril...we'll tour a bit but not to VG this time.
Chau, Millie and Ben

Anonymous said...

I love the videos!! It is so fun actually seeing you guys. Keep the videos coming!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. - Anonymous is me - Juli Hanley

Patte said...

Great job on the video. Wish we were there.

Easter blessings,
Mom & Dad P

Dieta said...

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Anonymous said...

hey britt and mike! your videos are so cute! good job documenting the adventure :) hope all is well in vallegrande! joy

Anonymous said...

We love your videos and your blog! We can't wait for the next video! We miss you two, but are so happy you're doing some amazing things!
Love, Jen & Brian