Friday, July 4, 2008

Trav's Trip down south

In June, we had our first visiter, our friend Travis. We were a little worried before he came down because Bolivia always treats you to a little of the unexpected. But after 8 days, we sent Trav on his way without any major problems and we had a great time. Here are a few pics from the trip.

Amboro National Park

Our Tour Group



A nice resting stop on our hike

Can you find the Incan Face?

On Top of El Fuerte in Semaipata

"El Fuerte" Incan ruins in Semaipata

Puma Tracks

The Packages


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! It looks like you guys had an awesome time! I am sure it was great to have a familiar face visiting:)

- Margaret Kaiser

Patte said...

Can't wait until we get to see Bolivia in person in 2009! Glad Travis survived the trip.

Mom & Dad P.